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Mothers on the Rise

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Mothers on the Rise (MOR) serves mother-baby pairs transitioning from the Indiana Women’s Prison Leath Unit to their home community. The MOR team and partners help mothers navigate their home community and work to build a mother’s capacity to flourish. The program establishes an individualized, coordinated system of care for each mother residing in the nursery unit. Our social support team includes a program manager, social worker/therapist, nurse navigator, lead community navigator, and community navigator. Mothers are referred to a Healthy Families Home Visitor, Community Partners Case Manager, and legal assistance when applicable.

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed a social network documentation system to evaluate our network’s impact
  • Completed set of Healthcare Roadmaps to help all women in the Indiana Women’s Prison navigate the healthcare system and build personal agency of their health

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Resources and Links


Ashley Mager Headshot

Ashley Mager, MPH

Project Manager, Mothers on the Rise

Nina Porter Headshot

Nina Porter

Project Coordinator and Lead Community Navigator, Mothers on the Rise