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Clinical Experience

The clinical year comprises 6 months of inpatient service and 5 months of outpatient work. One month of outpatient time can be used for electives. Typical electives are renal pathology, urology, uro-radiology, and research and transplant surgery. Fellows may also create their own elective experience.

Clinical experience takes place at Riley Hospital for Children, the only comprehensive care children’s hospital in Indiana, which serves as the primary referral center for children with kidney disorders. This facility houses the state’s largest pediatric dialysis program, its only pediatric hemodialysis unit and the largest pediatric renal transplant program in the state.

Clinical services include managing the care of pediatric transplant recipients in the acute and long-term setting, providing inpatient and outpatient renal consults for all renal conditions, pre-natal evaluation of renal disorders, independent renal biopsies, the interpretation of renal pathology and reading uro-radiological studies.

31 Biopsies in 2018
658 Annual Inpatient Days of Dialysis
16 Transplants in 2018