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Postdoctoral Training
IU School of Medicine provides postdoctoral scholars with the expertise and support needed to accomplish their professional goals in a robust research environment.

Postdoctoral Training

Advanced research training at Indiana University School of Medicine provides postdoctoral scholars with the expertise and support needed to accomplish their professional goals. Faculty investigators throughout IU School of Medicine academic departments conduct a broad range of translational, clinical and basic research, and postdoctoral researchers benefit from this robust research environment. This training and working environment enables postdoctoral researchers to hone their research knowledge and skills for career advancement.

Benefits and Funding

The benefit plan a postdoctoral researcher receives at IU School of Medicine depends on the classification of the postdoctoral appointment. Two types of postdoctoral researchers train at IU School of Medicine: Postdoctoral Appointees and Postdoctoral Fellows. IU School of Medicine requires that all postdoctoral researchers be compensated at least the Year 0 NRSA minimum salary rate which adjusts every July 1st according to the rate set the previous calendar year or based on approval by the Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs. 

Maximizing Your Postdoctoral Experience

This workshop is designed to help postdoctoral researchers get the most out of their postdoctoral experience, in general and at IU School of Medicine. It is held the second Thursday of the month from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. 


  • Appointees
    Postdoctoral researchers who are funded through R01s, departmental budgets and start-up funds are classified as “Appointees” and are considered employees of the university. Appointees receive the benefits standard to Academic Appointees.
  • Fellows

    Postdoctoral researchers on training grants, NIH NRSA, NIH F or T awards, and other fellowships and typically classified as “Fellows” and begin training with different benefit structure than Appointees. Funding agencies require fellows to not have an employer-employee relationship with the university. The benefit plan for postdoctoral fellows at IU School of Medicine is underwritten by Anthem.  Family and spousal medical coverage premium costs will be covered by IU School of Medicine.

Postdoc Positions

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at IU School of Medicine supports recruiting a diverse population of highly qualified postdoctoral researchers and welcomes opportunities to meet with prospective postdoctoral researchers during interviews. These meetings provide candidates with information on employee benefits, relocation assistance, career development resources, and more. See open postdoctoral positions at the link below, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is not involved in the postdoctoral researcher hiring process.

See all postdoc positions

International Applicants

Doing postdoctoral training in the United States is an exciting opportunity, but applying for programs and working so far from home can present challenges. IU School of Medicine recognizes the unique circumstances of international applicants to a postdoctoral research program and offers resources to make the process and transition successful.
  • Office of International Affairs
    The Office of International Affairs fosters and supports visa services for both students and scholars as well as faculty research projects, institutional partnerships, international development projects, curriculum internationalization, campus programming, and community outreach. Tax Information, electronic newsletter, and tax filing programs and services can help internal postdocs through this complex process. The Office offers Visa information and services pertaining to visas for dependents, institutional policy of J1 visas, SEVIS, and more.
  • Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication
    The Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication is a university-based research and service organization created in 1998 to enhance links between the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and cultures/nations throughout the world. This center strives for excellence in language and intercultural training in academic, professional, and other occupational contexts and offers group training programs and individualized tutoring in language and intercultural communication to students, faculty, medical residents and postdoctoral researchers as well as business professionals in the community.
  • American English for International Program
    The American English for International program, offered by the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, provides medical professionals an opportunity to improve communication skills in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. The program helps international medical professionals develop the confidence and determination to pursue more conversations – professional and personal – in American English.