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A photo of the IUSM Department of Psychiatry Residents from August 2023.

Psychiatry Residency at IU School of Medicine 

A state leader in psychiatric residency training 

Psychiatry Residency

The Department of Psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine offers four accredited residency programs for individuals who have completed undergraduate medical education: categorical psychiatry residency programs based in Indianapolis, Vincennes and Merrillville, and a Triple Board Residency for those interested in training in pediatrics, psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry in one program.

By introducing the basics in diagnosis and pharmacological treatments in the first year of training followed by the subspecialties of psychiatry in the second year, residents have the opportunity to apply their techniques to patient care. The latter half of the program integrates medical and scientific literature with outstanding interview techniques and excellent therapeutic skills. The last year of the program allows residents to follow their own tracks and interests.


portrait of jennifer faires

Jennifer M. Faires

Residency Education Coordinator, Indianapolis Psychiatry


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Mikah Nelson

Residency Education Coordinator, Triple Board and Child Psychiatry

Lydia Wright

Residency Education Coordinator, Vincennes Psychiatry


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Brittany Miller, MPA

Residency Education Coordinator, Merrillville Psychiatry


IUSM Department of Psychiatry residents discussing the program

Indianapolis Psychiatry

The Psychiatry Residency program in Indianapolis introduces the basics in diagnosis and pharmacological treatments while providing hands-on training in an array of psychiatric subspecialties. Categorical residents can tailor their training by following one of three tracks: research, education or global health.

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Triple Board Residents

Triple Board

Medical graduates interested in working with children and teens can learn to treat the child as a whole through a unique Triple Board Residency program. Residents train in the fields of general, child and adolescent and pediatric psychiatry to master the diagnoses and treatment of complex psychiatric cases.

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Doctors in masks and scrubs talking by administrative counter in hospital

Vincennes Psychiatry

The Psychiatry Residency at Vincennes provides residents with an in-depth approach to clinical psychiatric diagnosis and treatment in collaborative teaching environments across hospitals in Southern Indiana.

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Merrillville Psychiatry

The Merrillville Psychiatry Residency expands opportunities for residency training in Northern Indiana. The community mental health setting provides residents with the rare opportunity to follow patients throughout their care and gain expansive knowledge of treatments for lifetime psychiatric illness.

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Learn more about residency at IU School of Medicine

Medical students who are considering a psychiatry residency at IU School of Medicine can find out more about the Graduate Medical Education program, including details on stipends, benefits, policies and more.

Office of GME

Resident Benefits