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Psychiatry Residency in Vincennes

Improving southern Indiana's access to psychiatric education and training

Psychiatry Residency in Vincennes

The Psychiatry Residency program in Vincennes expands the opportunity for resident training across hospitals in southern Indiana. Part of Indiana University School of Medicine’s Southwest Indiana Consortium, the Psychiatry Residency enables collaboration among multiple teaching hospitals and residents, and provides a comprehensive broad-based education in clinical psychiatric diagnosis and treatment in a community setting.

Program Curriculum

The Psychiatry Residency program in Vincennes integrates residents with primary care physicians in state-of-the-art teaching hospitals and clinics throughout southern Indiana.

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Clinical Experience

Psychiatry residents in Vincennes have the opportunity to train and further their medical education in several clinical facilities and hospitals in the area.

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Application Process

Learn about program requirements, applications details and the interview process for the Psychiatry Residency program in Vincennes.

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22 current residents
14 faculty experts
4 training facilities

Commitment to Diversity

IU School of Medicine is dedicated to fostering culturally competent medical education, patient-centered clinical care and innovative research.

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Current Residents

Meet the currents residents and learn more about training in Vincennes and at IU School of Medicine.

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Residency in Vincennes

Applications are being accepted for the Psychiatry Residency at Vincennes. Interested senior medical students and those with approved postgraduate training can apply through the ERAS system.


Psychiatry Residency at Vincennes

Expanding Knowledge

Using current therapies and treatment modalities, the Vincennes Psychiatry Residency trains residents as they provide care to patients with a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses. The community mental health center provides wrap around services that joins with resident training, providing a rare opportunity to follow patients throughout their care and expand knowledge of treatments for lifetime psychiatric illness. In this program, residents develop fully integrated models of care as they work alongside inter-professional students, primary care and specialty physicians with a goal to increase access to psychiatric services within underserved communities.