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The Radiology Student Interest Group (SIG) at Indiana University School of Medicine is supported by the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences. Connect with current student leaders or learn more about faculty experts involved in the training and education of future radiologists.

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Student Executive Board 2022-23

Sean Brockman, MS4

President and DEIJ Chair

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Maddie Hoover, MS4


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Greg Grecco, MS3

Research Chair

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Camilo Aguilar, MS4

Communications and Outreach co-Chair

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Andrew Gauger, MS2

Communications and Outreach co-Chair

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REgional Campus Liaisons 

Nicole Steinhardt, MS3

Vice President

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Scott Liu, MS4


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Shannon Zhou, MS4

Women in Radiology Chair

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Saad Kamran, MS4

Communications and Outreach co-Chair

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Molli Ann Fromke, MS2


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Kreigh Elzey, MS3

Fort Wayne

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Rylee Friel, MS3

Northwest and South Bend

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Evan Anderson, MS3

West Lafayette

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faculty advisor
6855-Gunderman, Richard

Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD

Chancellor's Professor, IUPUI

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Reid Masterson, MS2


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Maria Fernandez Olivera, MS2


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Brett Hopf, MS2

Terre Haute

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