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Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research

Be the Force Behind Breast Cancer Research

Philanthropy is the lifeblood of research at Indiana University School of Medicine. Every day, more than 30 breast cancer researchers within the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research strive to conduct innovative investigations that turn into life-saving care. The generosity of donors helps recruit and retain outstanding faculty researchers and arms them with the resources to pursue their most promising ideas. Investing locally also means Hoosiers can be the first to access the latest clinical trials for difficult-to-treat forms of breast cancer, such as triple negative.

There are several ways to support breast cancer research at IU School of Medicine. To learn more, contact Lizzie Conkle, associate director of development, at 317-278-2120 or

Support Breast Cancer Research

Gifts to the IU Breast Cancer Research Fund support the greatest needs of IU School of Medicine breast cancer researchers. This fund allows program leaders to support the most cutting-edge work in preventing, treating and curing breast cancer.

Give Now

30 Faculty Investigators
5000 sq. ft. of laboratory space 
11467 healthy women have donated to Komen Tissue Bank[No text in field]

100 Voices of Hope

Funds raised through this unique program go directly toward an innovative and high-risk “research hunch” focused on breast cancer metastasis. Sixteen projects have each received $100,000 in gifted funding since 2008.

Learn More 100 Voices of Hope

Komen Tissue Bank

IU School of Medicine is home to the world’s only healthy breast tissue biorepository – or bank – a tool researchers need to determine how and why breast cancer develops.

Learn More Komen Tissue Bank

Memorial Gifts

IU physicians and scientists are grateful to families who choose to direct their loved one’s memorial gifts to breast cancer research.

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4858-Schneider, Bryan

Bryan P. Schneider, MD

Vera Bradley Professor of Oncology

The research focus of Bryan Schneider, MD, is on precision medicine in oncology. He has identified several markers that predict which patients may experience extreme side effects from chemotherapy prior to treatment.

Read Bio Bryan P. Schneider, MD

4849-Miller, Kathy

Kathy D. Miller, MD

Ballvé Lantero Professor of Oncology

Kathy Miller, MD, is a nationally recognized expert in the field of breast oncology and leads several of the clinical trials at IU School of Medicine with the aim to discover new therapies and treatments for breast cancer patients, as well preventing reoccurrence.

Read Bio Kathy D. Miller, MD

23204-Zellars, Rich

Rich C. Zellars, MD

Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology

Rich Zellars, MD, studies how to make radiation treatment more effective while simultaneously limiting the dangerous side effects caused by the therapy. He is investigating the potential of delivering chemotherapy and radiation therapy simultaneously to help women complete treatment and get back to living their lives as quickly as possible.

Read Bio Rich C. Zellars, MD

37992-Lu, Xiongbin

Xiongbin Lu, PhD

Professor of Medical & Molecular Genetics

The research focus of Xiongbin Lu, PhD, is on the understanding of cancer biology, identifying novel drug targets and therapies, and developing new treatments for cancer using nanoscale biomaterials.

Read Bio Xiongbin Lu, PhD