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Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research

Breast Cancer Clinical Research

Investigators at the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research conduct clinical research as part of their service to patients. This research, often referred to as clinical trials, allows IU School of Medicine faculty to discover additional treatment options for breast cancer patients. It also opens the door to new opportunities for physicians to establish alternative methods for diagnosis, potentially detecting and treating breast cancer and other diseases at an earlier stage.

Breast cancer research depends on the generosity and willingness of participation by human volunteers. Depending on the type of research or trial in which the participant is enrolled, the participants are monitored closely to provide answers to questions concerning various forms of breast cancer, identification, treatment and management. Some research examines the effects of a new drug, vaccine or treatment; others examine large populations in environmental settings. All clinical research is conducted as part of one of four phases with each phase having a specific goal.

Clinical Trials Support

The Office of Clinical Research serves as the single point of entry for clinical trials across Indiana University and provides streamlined support for IU School of Medicine faculty investigators in the facilitation of research studies including contracting, budgeting and metric tracking.

Help Advance Research

IU School of Medicine investigators continue to advance important research in breast cancer through the selflessness of clinical trial participants. Find a list of breast cancer clinical trials.