Patient Impact

For Indiana residents, the comprehensive designation from the National Cancer Institute affirms that Hoosiers have access to the most advanced, research-guided therapies as well as hundreds of clinical studies that test the most promising new approaches to preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.

Jenny Brown, Breast Cancer

Jenny Brown recently finished treatment for inflammatory breast cancer that's triple negative. This recognition from the NCI offers her reassurance.

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Tatum Portrait

Tatum Parker, Ewing Sarcoma

Tatum Parker went through treatment twice as a young child. Ten years later, she’s off to her freshman year at Indiana University to study nursing and help other kids.

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Tyler Trent, Osteosarcoma

Before he passed away, Tyler Trent provided tissue samples from his tumor to fuel cancer research that could prolong other kids’ lives.

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Gwen Brack, Colorectal Cancer

For Gwen Brack, the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center precision genomics program has given her a chance at having a full life.

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Nadia Miller, Breast Cancer

At 26, and a new mother, Nadia Miller wanted a big family, a career and hoped to one day travel the world. Then life—and her dreams—abruptly changed.

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Greg Tamer, Multiple Myeloma

Greg Tamer lost his father to multiple myeloma at a young age. Now, research advances allow Greg to live a full life as he faces the same disease.

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