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Students, scientists, physicians, industry professionals and academicians who are interested in cardiovascular research may contact the Krannert Cardiovascular Research Center (KCVRC) to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

Email Linda Altmeyer

KCVRC Investigator Keyur Vora, MD poses with collaborator, Andreas Kumar, MD, from Northern Ontario School of Medicine, during the Krannert Biennial in May 2023.  The picture is taken in front of an IU banner.


Join a highly skilled and multidisciplinary workforce at the KCVRC. Opportunities range from full time scientific roles to administrative positions. We also offer internships and fellowships.

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Education and Professional Development

The KCVRC provides students, scientists and physicians an opportunity to develop cardiovascular research experience through internships, fellowships and employment. We also host learning opportunities such as training workshops and seminars series, including the Krannert Biennial, where early investigators can share their research and attendees can learn the latest in cardiovascular research.

Industry Collaborations

The KCVRC has ongoing relationships with industry in the cardiovascular research space and we welcome learning about new development efforts. If your organization wants to learn more about how the KCVRC can work with you, please reach out to us.

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We work closely with our colleagues across Indiana University and are open to discussing opportunities to collaborate and share resources. Interested IU faculty may apply for primary or affiliate membership to collaborate on research projects. External scientists may inquire directly.

Please contact Linda Altmeyer, director of operations, for more information.