a large group of people gather for the CCBB retreat in a large bright and airy room

2023 Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Retreat

Welcome to the 2023 CCBB Retreat!

The CCBB Retreat will take place on Saturday, October 28 at 8:30 am and wrap up at 3:00 pm so retreat participants can also enjoy Bradford Woods in Martinsville, IN.

The family program on Saturday includes two outdoor programs for kids six years and older, led by Bradford Woods instructors. These learning modules include outdoor living skills (shelter building) and a ropes challenge course. Archery, zipline and canoeing are available for children eight years and older. Children younger than eight may participate in canoeing if one of the life jackets fit. Hiking trails are also available for all levels.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Kelly Snyder (kgsnyder@iu.edu) or Jill Reiter (jireiter@iu.edu).

Registration Closed

Registration for the 2023 CCBB Retreat is now closed.


7:30–8:30 am
8:30–8:45 am

Yunlong Liu, PhD

8:45–9:45 am Ken A. Dill, PhD  Keith Dunker Lectureship
The Origins of Life: an uncanny resemblance to the protein folding problem 
9:45–10:00 am Chi Zhang, PhD  CCBB Artificial Intelligence Initiative
10:00–10:15 am Sara Quinney, PharmD, PhD  Utilizing RWE, Machine Learning, and Pharmacometrics to Support Maternal and Pediatric Precision Therapeutics: The MPRINT Hub
10:15–10:30 am
Coffee break 
10:30–10:45 am Ashiq Masood, MD Spatial Map of GI Cancers
10:45–11:00 am Laura Zhou, PhD, MS
Prioritizing candidate peptides for cancer vaccines through predicting peptide presentation by HLA proteins 
11:00–11:15 am Xuhong Zhang, PhD The Synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging
11:15–11:30 am Robbee Wedow, PhD Do Within Family Genetic Associations Reflect Genetic Nurture?
11:30–11:45 am Jia Shen, PhD, MS Targeting Tumor-Intrinsic Pathways to Enhance Immunotherapy
11:45 am–12:00 pm Spyridon Bakas, PhD, MSC Federated Machine Learning in Medicine: Towards enabling large-scale/global collaborations
12:00–1:00 pm
1:00–1:20 pm Charles Brandt From Chaos to Clarity: Data Management Strategies
1:20–2:35 pm





Moderated by Yong Zang, PhD

Moderated by Gang Peng, PhD

Trainee Presentations


Talks selected from abstracts

  • Mauminah Raina (Juexin Wang Lab)
    Exploring Kidney Diseases using Relation Equivariant Graph Neural Networks on Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics
  • Yuan Liu (Leng Han Lab)
    Expanding PROTACtable genome universe of E3 ligases
2:35-2:45 pm   Award Ceremony