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Basic and Translational Science Cores

The Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health (ICMH) supports several basic science research cores across the IU School of Medicine–Indianapolis campus and is in the process of creating several new research cores to advance musculoskeletal research and support the musculoskeletal health research community. The ICMH currently supports three basic research cores:

The Animal Phenotyping Core, currently being developed, will offer a suite of essential services, established protocols, and scientific expertise to assess bone and muscle.

The Histology and Histomorphometry Core is a full-service research laboratory that offers both transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

The 3D bioprinting core provides scaffold-free bioprinting via a novel instrument that provides unprecedented versatility.

The IMC provides comprehensive collaboration on metabolomics projects from ranging study design, to sample preparation, data collection, analysis, and interpretation.