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Indiana Metabolomics Collaborative

The Indiana Metabolomics Collaborative (IMC) is led by Tom O’Connell, PhD. The IMC provides comprehensive collaboration on metabolomics projects from ranging study design, to sample preparation, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. 

In addition to the IMC's analytical instrumentation, the IMC works with collaborating core facilities in order to apply the most appropriate technology to each project. Currently available analytical platforms include:

  • LC/MS for a large quantitative, targeted metabolomics panel
  • GC/MS for specific pathway targeted analyses and isotope tracer studies
  • NMR for untargeted, quantitative analysis of higher concentration metabolites

After data collection, the IMC assists with data analysis, integration, and interpretation using software platforms developed in-house. Using the VIIME* platform, data from multiple metabolomics or other omics platforms can be integrated and mined. A suite of data visualization aid in the interpretation to transform large datasets into important biological information.

*Visualization and Integration of Metabolomics Experiments; Choudhury, et al., J. Open Source Software, 5, 2410, 2020;

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