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Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry Services


  • Compound Information Retrieval from Database (e.g. HTS Hits)
  • Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) Analysis
  • Compound Novelty Analysis on Structure & Bioactivity
  • Property Evaluation on Drug Ability (e.g. CLogP, Solubility, etc.)

Cost of cheminformatics will be determined by labor cost.

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Structural Design for Small Molecules, such as Inhibitors, Probes & Activators
  • Synthetic Route Design for Small Molecules
  • Compound Synthesis & Purification (Up to Gram Scale)
  • Combinatorial Small Molecule Library Design & Synthesis

Cost of synthesis will be determined by labor and material cost.

Analytical Chemistry

  • Small Molecule Qualification: Structural Elucidation & Purity Determination
  • Small Molecule Quantification for Metabolites, Biomarkers, etc.
  • Protein, Peptide, & Oligonucleotide Qualification & Quantification

Cost of molecule analysis will be determined by labor, instrument rate and material cost.

Hourly Rates (FY 2021)

Internal user: $67
Labor and instrument rates for external nonprofit organizations are 1.5x the internal rate.
Labor and instrument rates for external profit organizations are 1.8x the internal rate.

Medicinal and Analytical Instrument Rates

Instrument Unit Internal Price $
Agilent 1290 LC - 6545 QTOF Per Hour 48
Agilent 1200 LC- 6130 MS Per Hour 30
Bruker NMR, 300MHz Per Hour 17
Stuart Melting Point Meter Per Hour 10
Polarimeter Per Hour 10
Chemical Hood and Space Daily Per Chemist 15
Biotage Microwave Reactor Per Hour 15
Waters Preparative HPLC Per Hour 15
Buchi Evaporation System Per Hour 10
Biotage Flash Purification System Per Hour 15
Labconco Freeze Dryer Per Port Per Day 10

Material cost for instrument usage will be charged separately if it occurs. For instrument training and assisted instrument usage, labor rate will be added to the specific instrument rate. Please contact Lifan Zeng, PhD, for more information.


Agilent LC1290 Infinity II – MS6545 Q-ToF equipped with UV detector.

  • High Resolution MS for Small Molecule and Protein Characterization
  • Identification and Verification of Metabolite Biomarkers
  • Targeted MS/MS for Quantitation, Identification, and Confirmation of Unknowns


Bruker 300 MHz Fourier Transform NMR equipped with a 16-slot automated sampler.

  • Structure Elucidation and Verification via 1D and 2D NMR
  • Purity Determination, Quality Assurance and Control

Preparative HPLC

Waters Preparative HPLC with UV detector

  • Purification of Small Molecules and Peptides

Microwave Reactor

Biotage Microwave

  • Efficient and Controlled Heating via µW irradiation
  • Accelerated Organic Reactions via High Temperature and Pressure

Flash Purification

Biotage Flash Purification with Automated Fraction Collection

Aapptec Automated Parallel Organic Synthesizer