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Independent pricing represents a reasonable amount of supplies for fixation and embedding, including, slides, grids, stains and equipment usage. The Electron Microscopy Core provides four hours of training on the use of the TEM. The cost for this training is charged to the researcher at the rate of $195/hour. Final decision on whether researcher can go on their own is determined by the lab manager. Fifty mls of fixative initially will be provided. Tissue specimens for TEM should be about 2 x 2 x 2mm or smaller. For special types of specimens (cultured cells, thin layers of tissue, tissue that requires special orientation), email Mandy Bittner for instructions. Digital Images are sent via one drive to the researcher. Use of personal USB Drive not allowed. Prices are as of FY23 for internal customers only. Please see below for external customer pricing, or contact

Cryo-EM Glacios

Cryo-EM Scope time - Unassisted (1hr): $60.00
Cryo-EM Scope time - Assisted (1hr): $110.00
Cryo-EM Scope time - Unassisted (1 day): $500.00
Cryo-EM Scope time - Assisted (1 day): $600.00


Cryo-EM Vitrobot

Sample preparation - Unassisted (per use): $50.00
Sample preparation - Assisted (per sample): $50.00

Cryo-EM Supplies

Clips (each): $20.00 
Copper Grids (each): $8.00 
Gold Grids (each): $20.00

Cryo-EM Service

Fee-for-service on Cryo-EM (per hour): $50.00

Cryo-EM Negative Stain Imaging

Imaging of negative stained samples (per sample): $50.00


Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) for Imaging

Processing and embedding (1-10 specimens): $305.00
Processing and embedding (additional specimens): $31.00
TEM Scope time (assisted, 1 hour): $95.00
TEM Scope time (unassisted, 1 hour): $45.00 (contact for training information)

Microtomy without region of interest: $55.00
Microtomy with region of interest: $90.00

Immunostaining for TEM: $19.00

TEM preparation of grids with negative staining: $13.00/grid

Technical Support

Per hour: $100.00

Electron Microscopy Evaluation/Consultation

Each incoming projects receives an hour consultation at no charge, thereafter there is a $100.00/hr. charge for time spent researching techniques, evaluating data (quantitative and/or qualitative) for anything beyond routine.

External Projects

Each project will be charged triple the cost of the regular fee schedule.


  • There is no training available or usage of electron microscopy equipment beyond the electron microscopes.
  • Cannot guarantee results for specimens or samples prepared outside of the laboratory.