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Pricing and Scheduling

Internal users (Indiana University School of Medicine)


Paraffin Embedding

$8.50 per cassette

Paraffin Sectioning (up to 5 slides)

$9.00 per cassette

Additional Slides (up to 5 additional slides)

$5.30 per cassette

Special Sectioning (Serial, Interval (step), Locating Specific Region, etc)

$3.00 per cassette

Paraffin Staining

H&E (included with paraffin embedding and sectioning) $1.50 per slide
Special Stains (Masson's trichrome, Periodic Acid Schiff, TRAP, Picro-sirius Red, etc) $4.00 per slide
IHC / TUNEL (PI provides reagents) $12.50 per slide

MMA (Plastic)

Plastic embedding - tubes (limited to mouse and rat long bones; cortical analysis only)

$18.60 per specimen

Plastic embedding - vials (for larger specimens and all microtome sectioning)

$35.00 per specimen

Plastic microtome sectioning (thin sections [4 um]; up to 5 slides)

$40.00 per specimen

Additional slides (up to 5 additional slides)


Plastic wire saw sectioning - tube, 3 slides (Cortical bone; includes grinding to appropriate thickness)


Plastic wire saw sectioning - vial, 3 slides (thick sections; ~100 um)


MMA (Plastic) Staining 

H&E MMA (requires demineralization)

$2.50 per slide

Special stains (Goldner's trichrome, von Kossa/MacNeal, TRAP, Toluidine Blue, etc)

$4.00 per slide

en bloc (basic fuchsin)

$4.00 per block


$5.00 per slide

Other Services

Standard histomorphometry (includes static and dynamic measurement of two sections) $125.00 per block
Microdamage Analysis (includes measurement of damage on three sections) $75.00 per block


Tissue cassettes (if not supplied) $1.00 each
EDTA demineralization $6.50 per specimen
Formic acid demineralization $2.00 per specimen

Members of the Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health

All Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health members receive a subsidy of 20% on each of the services listed above. 

External users

Fees for external users are double the internal rates listed above.