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Center for Proteome Analysis
Indiana University School of Medicine
635 Barnhill Drive
Medical Science Building 0034
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

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20748-Mosley, Amber

Amber L. Mosley, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Dr. Amber Mosley is the director of the Center for Proteome Analysis. She received her PhD in biochemistry from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Her research interests include the analysis of protein-protein interaction networks and post-translational modifications that regulate RNA Polymerase II transcription using protein mass spectrometry and genomics.

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portrait of emma doud

Emma Doud, PhD

Associate Director, CPA

Dr. Emma Doud is the associate director of the Center for Proteome Analysis. She graduated with dual degrees in chemistry and biology from Purdue University. She went on to earn her PhD in chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard University where she studied the genetics and biochemistry of moenomycin biosynthesis. She then worked at the Proteomics Center of Excellence at Northwestern University, focusing on targeted quantitation of histone post translational modifications, shot gun proteomics of complex systems, and top down techniques. For the last several years, she has worked in industry on process development and scale up of immuno based assays and biotherapeutic production.

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portrait of tina guo

Tina Guo, PhD

Assistant Director

Dr. Tina Guo has extensive experience in the entire proteomics pipeline, starting at sample preparation and ending with data analysis. She has performed many routine proteomics experiments and many different types of sample preparation. Specifically, she is highly skilled in the development of methods in phosphorylation enrichment and C18 clean up using the AssayMap Bravo. Additionally, she is an expert in data analysis—from peptide-spectra matching to statistical analysis to bioinformatics—including projects related to TMT-phosphoproteomics.

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portrait of mandy bittner

Mandy Bittner, MS

Program Manager

Mandy is the program manager for the Center for Proteome Analysis. She received her Master’s in molecular biology at Purdue University–Fort Wayne. Mandy has scientific experience characterizing nucleobase transporter proteins in various organisms. Her experience on the bench equipped her to pursue a position supporting CPA staff in an administrative and management capacity. 

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portrait of smith-kinnaman

Whitney Smith-Kinnaman

Research Analyst

Whitney is a research analyst in the Center for Proteome Analysis. Whitney has over ten years of experience as a lab manager and research analyst, most recently in the lab of Dr. Amber Mosley. She is our resident immunoprecipiation (IP) expert and is available as a consultant to help design your next IP experiment.

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