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a researcher at work in the lab

Research service cores moving to a new management software called iLab

iLab Core Facility Management software was recently chosen as the enterprise-wide core facility management system for all research service cores. The new software allows the research community to access core facilities through one centralized portal that is easy to navigate and is accessible from anywhere investigators work.

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a staff scientist at work in the chemical genomics core

Explore your cores: Chemical Genomics

The Chemical Genomics Core Facility provides instrumentation and expertise for investigators who are interested in high-throughput screening, cheminformatics, and medicinal and analytical chemistry. The staff scientists can help with the drug development process, as well as the study of individual diseases before drug discovery begins. Even though many major educational institutions have some kind of chemical screening core, the Chemical Genomics Core Facility is one of only a handful that are also able to optimize specific compounds through medicinal chemistry.

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samples in the medical genomics core

Explore your cores: Medical Genomics

The Center for Medical Genomics provides next generation sequencing, single-cell analytics and high-throughput genotyping for investigators. Most of the requests the core receives are for RNA and DNA sequencing, but the center staff also directly process biological specimens to help investigators move forward with their research, especially for single-cell-based services.

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a staff scientist at work in the electron microscopy core

Explore your cores: Electron Microscopy

The Electron Microscopy Center is a resource to help investigators look at specimens at a higher magnification than they would be able to with a regular microscope. The lab offers both transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy, with the ability to magnify specimens up to 300,000 times the original size.

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Dr. Nalim observes the regenova bioprinter

3D Bioprinting Core Gains CTSI Designation, NIH Funding

The 3D Bioprinting Core recently received two major boosts: Indiana CTSI core designation and funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to cover the cost of its main bioprinting instrument.

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staff scientists review and discuss data in the behavioral phenotype core

Explore your cores: Behavioral Phenotyping

The Behavioral Phenotyping core is a resource for investigators to expand their research scope to include rodent behavior and in vivo physiology in their work.

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