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Facilities on the South Bend campus offer amenities to make it easier for students to complete academic work, manage life tasks and relax.

Medical Student Facilities

In classrooms and during study hours, South Bend campus students are housed in a gorgeous facility. After hours, popular activities include a jog around Notre Dame’s famous lakes, a jazz performance at DeBartolo, and a Saturday home football game experience. Medical school students also organize sports intramural teams as participants in Notre Dame’s extensive intramural program.

Work and Study Space

First- and second year medical students are assigned to one of two wireless classrooms, both equipped with laptop connectivity at each student station. During first-year courses, students spend significant time in the state-of-the-art cadaver laboratory, which houses six cadaver tables and monitors at each work station. Students also have access to a study space with lighted study carrels.

An array of current journals, including JAMA, NEJM, The Lancet, are available online. Three computer stations are available in the library, including a PDA-syncing station for students to download clinical skills encounters. In this same area, students have access to a fax machine, laser printer and copier as well as individually assigned mailboxes. All medical students also have access to all online resources, such as MedLine and various online textbooks, through the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

In addition, a conference room equipped with videoconferencing capability is available for students to participate in student interest groups or Medical Student Council meetings held in Indianapolis.

The student lounge in Raclin-Carmichael Hall has a plasma TV and kitchenette with microwaves, toasters and ample refrigerator space.

Housing and Other Personal Space

All medical students are assigned an individual locker for storage of books, extra clothes and snacks, as well as a mailbox. Students frequently request that packages (such as Amazon deliveries) be delivered to the medical school, where they are held for pickup at the reception area of Raclin-Carmichael Hall. Construction of graduate student housing in the Medical School/Notre Dame area has also grown considerably in the past five years, providing many options within walking distance of the campus.