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Get news and events for the Terre Haute campus at IU School of Medicine including seminars, campus news, updates and recent publications.

Campus News and Events

Year-round, the Terre Haute campus community offers a growing list of cultural events as well as fun-runs, festivals and other recreational experiences. The medical school also hosts a series of popular events for students and the community. A popular event series for medical students is Enrichment Hour.

Enrichment Hour

Enrichment Hour is a weekly speaker series for medical students in Terre Haute. Meetings for Enrichment Hour programs are held weekly on Tuesdays (noon until 1 pm) at the Landsbaum Center for Health Education (LCHE) or Holmstedt Hall (HH). Confirmed speakers and topics for each program will be provided here as the calendar continues to fill up throughout the semester.

Mini Medical School

Since 1997, the mission of the Mini Medical School is to provide a free, interactive forum to discuss medical training, medical procedures, current medical news and medical concerns of the public. Speakers for each session are physicians and/or other health care specialists, involved in the diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms or medical conditions under discussion. Speakers present a comprehensive picture of how symptoms lead to a diagnosis and how the initial diagnosis is distinguished from other diseases that share similar symptoms. Speakers are asked to focus on wellness, disease prevention and health care in general. This forum is not intended to provide diagnosis of specific disease concerns of the public, but to suggest paths needed for consumers to resolve their medical questions. The Mini Medical School is in session during the months of March and April, every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. For more information, contact Mary Beth Seaward.

Media Inquiries

For questions regarding medical research, educational programming or clinical care at IU School of Medicine or to schedule a tour, photo shoot or interview with IU School of Medicine faculty for medical education or research expertise, please contact the Office of Strategic Communications.

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