Basic Emergency Medical Technician Course


A one-semester educational program in Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMER-E 201, 6 credit hours) is available on the IU School of Medicine’s Indianapolis campus each fall and spring that is administered through the IU School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine in conjunction with Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services. All IUPUI students are able to take the EMT Basic classes. Scholarship opportunities may be available through the IUPUI Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Students completing the course work are prepared to work as an EMT to deliver emergency patient care in the pre-hospital setting. Graduates of both the EMT-Basic and the Paramedic Science Program primarily provide emergency care in ambulance, fire services, or athletic training venues at their level of training. To practice as a paramedic, graduates of either the EMT-Basic or the Paramedic Science Program must pass a state-administered certification examination before qualifying for a license. The certification examination may vary from state to state. The EMT-basic exam in Indiana is the written and skill exam from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Application Requirements

The EMT-Basic Program is a regular university course of study open to all students. No application is required. IU students are eligible to attend. Students must have current credentials in Health Care Provider CPR before the first day of classes.