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Helen Bernie, DO, MPH

Andrology and Male Sexual Medicine Research

Department of Urology faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine are researching new ways to diagnose and treat men’s sexual health and reproductive issues. Many of these studies are clinical trials focused on patients ranging from adolescence to senior life stages experiencing a variety of sexual health and reproductive concerns, such as testosterone therapy and infertility.

Testosterone Therapy and Prostate Cancer

Studies are underway at IU School of Medicine to learn more about testosterone therapy for patients experiencing prostate cancer. Faculty are also studying how fertility is impacted by prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatment.

Penile Rehabilitation for Cancer Patients

Faculty are studying new ways to provide penile rehabilitation for cancer patients and survivors, especially those who experience prostate or bladder cancer. New programs are being tested to find which are most effective at optimizing erectile dysfunction outcomes or incontinence rates after surgery.

Fertility Preservation

Research related to fertility preservation among cancer patients is underway to learn how to best help patients cope with their new diagnosis and preserve their ability to conceive in the future.