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Reconstructive Urology

Reconstructive surgical procedures help people with a variety of conditions, such as physical abnormalities, incontinence and strictures, or trauma related to another surgery. These procedures may focus on genitalia, kidneys, bladder, ureter and more; they often combine urologic expertise with plastic surgery techniques.

Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Urology faculty are the only reconstructive urologists in the state of Indiana. These subspecialists actively research new reconstructive techniques and provide clinical care through the school’s partnership with Indiana University Health. Faculty physicians also train residents to provide exceptional clinical care and teach medical students about reconstructive urology.


Reconstructive urology faculty explore techniques to improve care of patients with a variety of urological conditions.
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Clinical Care

IU School of Medicine faculty provide the only reconstructive urology clinical care available in the state of Indiana.
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Reconstructive Urology Faculty

16380-Mellon, Matthew

Matthew J. Mellon, MD

Associate Professor of Urology

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