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Find information about research in the Department of Urology at IU School of Medicine, including high intensity focused ultrasound and clinical trials.

Faculty Research

Physician scientists in the Department of Urology at IU School of Medicine are contributing substantially to the advancement of patient care in urologic cancer, pediatric reconstruction, stone treatments and other areas.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Department of Urology researchers developed a treatment for prostate cancer with technology pioneered at IU School of Medicine in the 1970’s. The method was approved by the FDA in 2015.
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Single Slice Equation

Urology researchers created the single slice equation as a way to predict how much damage might be done to a kidney when treating kidney cancer in patients.
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Clinical Trials

The Department of Urology participates in clinical trials that explore new therapeutic treatments for urologic problems. Participating in clinical trials offers patients the opportunity to receive new treatments while contributing to the future of health care. Patients who participate in clinical trials receive especially close, personalized care by a specialized team of urologists and clinical research coordinators. Participation in these studies may have additional benefits of free medication, study related tests, x-rays and exams or even financial compensation.

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