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For Families by Families

NICU Nest Newborn Education

The NICU Nest is a one-stop resource for education and support tools that will help anyone who has or may soon have a baby in a newborn intensive care unit or who is wanting to help a family in this situation. We believe that parents are the “experts” on their child and important members of their child’s care team. We use families to help design, review, and advise us on all of our education and support tools.

NICU Companion App

The NICU Companion provides easy and accessible information to families about common NICU procedures and equipment and includes the parent perspective. The NICU Companion can be used online or on a mobile device.

NICU Parent Support Videos

Every parent hops onto what’s commonly called “the NICU roller coaster” from a different point and for different reasons, but each faces a common track that involves ups and downs, hopes and fears. Hearing other parents’ NICU stories may help parents facing similar experiences, and these stories can help any NICU parent realize they are not alone.